Swabhimaanya, a synonym for self respect and empowerment, is a birthright of every individual. Yet, there are millions who strive hard just to survive each day. For them, Swabhimaanya is a guiding light to claim their 'abhimaan' – self respect.

Swabhimaanya is founded by financial services professionals of global repute as a distribution platform to ensure a greater reach of essential solutions to people at the base of the Economic pyramid ('BOP'), in a sustainable and affordable manner. As an organization our focus is on credit and insurance services for this segment.

Swabhimaanya is a 4 years old, BOP (Bottom of the Pyramid) focused distribution platform with over a million customers. Swabhimaanya pioneers in customized structuring of financial and insurance products to suit demands of investors and customers. Swabhimaan works with a host for partners across 7 states including Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Orissa, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Gujarat.

Swabhimaanya and its team are known for bringing unparalleled innovation in the microfinance circuit and have been the inventors of numerous bundled offers specifically designed for the under-served. It is a profitable entity supported by Angel investors with global repute. It works closely with Micro Finance Institutions as its ground partners, to reach out to customers at the last mile for a host of services.

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